Lake Huron - Thunder Bay NOAA Senctuary Shipwrecks



Shipwreck Name

Shipwreck Type

Depth in feet

In meters

Thunder Bay, MI1MontanaWooden Steam Barge58 to 63 ft18 to 19 m
Thunder Bay, MI2GrecianSteel Bulk Freighter75 to 100 ft23 to 31 m
Thunder Bay, MI3E.B. AllenWooden Two-Masted Schooner90 to 100 ft27 to 31 m
Thunder Bay, MI4W.P. ThewWooden Steam Barge80 to 84 ft24 to 25 m
Thunder Bay, MI5MonohansettWooden Steam Barge18 to 18 ft5 to 5 m
Thunder Bay, MI6Lucinda Van ValkenburgWooden Three-Masted Schooner55 to 60 ft16 to 18 m
Thunder Bay, MI7D.R. HannaSteel Bulk Freighter110 to 130 ft34 to 39 m
Thunder Bay, MI8NordmeerSteel Ocean General Cargo Freighter0 to 40 ft0 to 12 m
Thunder Bay, MI9MonroviaOcean Vessel140 to 140 ft43 to 43 m
Thunder Bay, MI10PewabicTwin Screw Wooden Passenger and Freight Steamer155 to 165 ft47 to 50 m
Thunder Bay, MI11ViatorOcean Vessel175 to 188 ft53 to 57 m
Thunder Bay, MI12Isaac M. ScottBulk Freighter168 to 175 ft51 to 53 m
Thunder Bay, MI13CorsicanWooden Two-Masted Schooner155 to 160 ft47 to 49 m

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