Lake Superior - Whitefish Bay Shipwrecks



Shipwreck Name

Shipwreck Type

Depth in feet

In meters

Whitefish Bay, MI1SagamoreWhaleback42 to 63 ft13 to 19 m
Whitefish Bay, MI2Samuel MatherWooden Steamer150 to 170 ft46 to 52 m
Whitefish Bay, MI3PantherWooden Steamer88 to 110 ft27 to 34 m
Whitefish Bay, MI4CometWood propeller steamer tug210 to 230 ft64 to 70 m
Whitefish Bay, MI5Superior CitySteel Freighter210 to 250 ft64 to 76 m
Whitefish Bay, MI6ZillahWooden Bulk Freighter230 to 250 ft70 to 76 m
Whitefish Bay, MI7SS ViennaWooden Steamer (Propeller)120 to 145 ft36 to 44 m
Whitefish Bay, MI8John B. CowleSteel Freighter185 to 220 ft56 to 67 m
Whitefish Bay, MI9John MitchellSteel Bulk Freighter130 to 150 ft40 to 46 m
Whitefish Bay, MI10John M. OsborneWooden Bulk Freighter160 to 180 ft49 to 55 m
Whitefish Bay, MI11Sadie ThompsonWooden Barge90 to 115 ft27 to 35 m

Whitefish Bay Shipwrecks

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