No. 6 Dredge

This large crane barge sits upside down and is held off the bottom with her boom. Divers can reach her top already at 30ft and the bottom is at about 70ft. It is a great introductory dive where diver can observe the barge's machinery and structure. It offers overhead swim-throughs, but because the barge is upside down, divers need to exercise caution as not to get disoriented and lost.

Pictures:Underwater Pictures
Other Names:none
Official Number:
Vessel Built:1912
Vessel Specifications:120x40x40 tn.685
Type of Vessel:Barge
Depth to Deck:30 ft (9m)
Depth to Bottom:70 ft (21m)
How it Sunk:Foundered in a storm, capsized and sank on May 23rd, 1956 while in tow of tug E. James Fusik. 9 souls were lost.
Loss Type:Foundered
Date of Loss:1956, May 23
Place of Loss:6 mi E of Milwaukee
Vessel Cargo:
Lives Loss:9 of at least 10
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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March 30, 2017

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