Walter B. Allen

Twin-masted schooner sits upright, the masts down on her deck. Her bowsprit, a windlass and a cargo steam engine behind the first hold remain in place.

Other Names:Also seen as W. B. ALLEN
Official Number:26561
Vessel Built:1866, H.C. Pierson or Pearson, Ogdensburg, NY
Vessel Specifications:137 ft., 296 t.
Type of Vessel:Schooner, Two-Masted
Depth to Deck:148 ft (45m)
Depth to Bottom:160 ft (48m)
How it Sunk:Being towed to Manitowoc for repairs when struck by a gale and foundered after her tow steamerís fires were drowned. Her temporary tow company crew was rescued. Located in May, 1975
Loss Type:Storm
Date of Loss:1880, Apr. 16
Place of Loss:Off Manitowoc, WI
Vessel Cargo:Corn
Lives Loss:none
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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