She sits upright, largely intact, with her bow broken off. The most interesting items on site are the steam engine, boiler, four-bladed propeller, and her smoke stack which is still upright and rises to a depth of 75'.

Other Names:none
Official Number:90524
Vessel Built:1873, Morley & Hill, Marine City
Vessel Specifications:226x34x11, 1072g 950n
Type of Vessel:Wooden Steamer (Propeller)
Depth to Deck:92 ft (28m)
Depth to Bottom:122 ft (37m)
How it Sunk:Damaged by ice and then ran across rocky bottom near McGulpin Pt., causing her to leak profusly. She sank quickly after her fires were put out by the rising water. Her crew was rescued by the schooner SAN DIEGO, part of her tow. One crew-member claimed that she was holed by ice where her iron plating had been removed to repair the wooden hull and was not replaced.
Loss Type:Ice
Date of Loss:1894, Apr. 4
Place of Loss:Very close to the Mackinac Bridge
Vessel Cargo:Wheat
Lives Loss:none
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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