William Young

The wreck is upright and intact in 120 feet of water, in the shipping lane, about a mile east of the bridge. Divers have experienced current on the surface and bottom. Evidently all lower cabins were removed to provide more cargo capacity, probably during conversion to a tow barge. The aft two thirds of the hull is filled with coal to within a couple of feet below the main deck. Forward the bow is split open with coal, anchors and anchor chain spilled into the sand. It is possible to swim through the open bow area and aft to the forward hatch. As stated above, the rest of the wreck is filled with coal. A mast lies along the starboard side, on the bottom. Some deadeyes can be found along the rail. The wheel is still in place next to the rudderpost on the rear deck. These sites, and many other wrecks in this area, are served by dive charter services in St. Ignace.

Other Names:
Official Number:
Vessel Built:
Vessel Specifications:
Type of Vessel:Schooner Barge
Depth to Deck:108 ft (33m)
Depth to Bottom:120 ft (37m)
How it Sunk:
Loss Type:Foundered
Date of Loss:1891, Oct. 5
Place of Loss:Next to Straits of Mackinac bridge
Vessel Cargo:600 tons of coal
Lives Loss:
References:Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve, Brendon Baillods's Shipwreck Research
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March 30, 2017

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