249 ft wooden steamer sits upright and partially intact with the decks collapsed. Items such as tools, dishes and portholes may be viewed on the desk. The more intact stern offers the engine, smokestack, boiler, winch, stove and much of the cargo.

Other Names:none
Official Number:C138004
Vessel Built:1890, Jas. Davidson, W. Bay City, MI hull# 35 US# 150497
Vessel Specifications:237x36x19, 1373gc 1118nc
Type of Vessel:Wooden Steamer
Depth to Deck:88 ft (27m)
Depth to Bottom:110 ft (34m)
How it Sunk:In a fog on June 27, 1916, the downbound 237-foot, 1,373-ton wooden steamer Panther met the upbound 478-foot, 6,025-ton steel James J. Hill. The Hill rammed the wooden vessel amidships and stayed in contact with the panther long enough for the crew of the Panther to escape. The Hill then slowly backed off and the Panther sank six miles southeast of Whitefish Point.
Loss Type:Collision
Date of Loss:1916, Jun 27
Place of Loss:off Whitefish Point
Vessel Cargo:Grain
Lives Loss:none
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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