Cornelia B. Windiate

Found by Paul Ehorn the same morning in May 1986, that his colleague John Steele, found the Norman near by, the three masted schooner (138'x26'x11'), built at Manitowoc WI in 1874. Disappeared with all hands after leaving Milwaukee for Buffalo with a cargo of wheat. She sits upright and very intact in 180 feet of water.

Official Number:12537
Vessel Built:1873, Thos. Windiate, Manitowoc, WI
Vessel Specifications:136x26x12, 322 t.
Type of Vessel:Three-Masted Schooner
Depth to Deck:159 ft (48m)
Depth to Bottom:180 ft (55m)
How it Sunk:Bound Milwaukee for Buffalo, she became trapped in ice, cut and sunk. She was not reported as having passed the Straits and her spars were reported sticking out of the water near the Fox Islands, so she was thought for over 100 year to have been lost in Lake Michigan. She was discovered on the bottom of Lake Huron in 1987, in excellent condition.
Loss Type:Storm
Date of Loss:1875, Dec 10
Place of Loss:off Middle Isl. near Rogers City, MI
Vessel Cargo:Wheat
Lives Loss:9 of 9
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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