Home (1843)

The intact Home lies in 165 feet of water a few miles southeast of Manitowoc, WI.

Other Names:none
Official Number:none
Vessel Built:1843, Redfield, Lower Sandusky, OH
Vessel Specifications:85x24x7, 128 t. om
Type of Vessel:Two-Masted Schooner
Depth to Deck:157 ft (48m)
Depth to Bottom:165 ft (50m)
How it Sunk:Bound Manitowoc for Milwaukee, she was rammed at night by the schooner WILLIAM FISKE(qv) and sank. Remains are well-known.
Loss Type:Collision
Date of Loss:1858, Oct 23
Place of Loss:off Manitowoc
Vessel Cargo:Slabwood
Lives Loss:none
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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