Gallinipper (1846)

The GALLINIPPER is a unique relic of Wisconsinís formative years, with ties to the War of 1812, the Great Lakes fur trading era and the early history of Wisconsin. Her remains would be the oldest ever located for a commercial vessel in Wisconsin waters. The GALLINIPPERís story actually begins in Pennsylvania in 1774 with the birth of Michael Dousman.

Other Names:built on hull of NANCY DOUSMAN(qv)
Official Number:none
Vessel Built:1846, H. Gibson, Milwaukee
Vessel Specifications:95x22x7, 145 t. [om]
Type of Vessel:Wooden Schooner
Depth to Deck:200 ft (61m)
Depth to Bottom:215 ft (66m)
How it Sunk:She capsized and foundered in a white squall, then drifted to a point about 10 mi SSE of Manitowoc, where she sank.
Loss Type:Storm
Date of Loss:1851, Jul 7
Place of Loss:near Sheboygan, WI
Vessel Cargo:unknown
Lives Loss:unknown
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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