W.P. Thew

Today its remains lie splayed out on the bottom with all of the machinery and deck equipment displayed at the site.

Other Names:None
Official Number:
Vessel Built:1884 by H.D. Root at Lorain, Ohio
Vessel Specifications:132ft x 24ft, 206tn
Type of Vessel:Wooden Steam Barge
Depth to Deck:80 ft (24m)
Depth to Bottom:84 ft (25m)
How it Sunk:The W. P. Thew was one of about 700 19th-century Great Lakes steamers designed to carry forest products like logs, lumber, railroad ties, or shingles. After a 25-year career, Thew was lost in a "hit and run" accident. Just off Thunder Bay Island, the ship was struck in a fog by the 545-foot freighter William Livingston and sent to the bottom. The Livingston didn't stop after the collision. Although the Thew sank quickly, no lives were lost.
Loss Type:Collision
Date of Loss:June 22, 1909
Place of Loss:off Thunder Bay Island
Vessel Cargo:
Lives Loss:None
References:NOAA Thunder Bay
Today is:
March 30, 2017

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