Today, the Monohansett's wreck lies in three sections. The stern portion has hull features, propeller, and shaft all in place, and the boiler is nearby.

Other Names: built as propeller IRA H. OWEN, renamed, 1882
Official Number:100156
Vessel Built:1872, J. Craig, Gibraltar, MI
Vessel Specifications:165x32x9, 573g 451n
Type of Vessel:Wooden Steam Barge
Depth to Deck:18 ft (5m)
Depth to Bottom:18 ft (5m)
How it Sunk:Built as the double-decked bulk freighter Ira H. Owen, the ship was rechristened Monohansett in 1882. Ten years later, it was rebuilt as a single-decked lumber carrier. On November 23, 1907, the ship burned to the water's edge at Thunder Bay Island. Most of the crew lost their personal belongings and some suffered minor burns, but there was no loss of life because the ship was near the island's Life Saving Station.
Loss Type:Fire
Date of Loss: 1907, Nov 23
Place of Loss:0.5 mi W of Thunder Bay Isl. light
Vessel Cargo:Coal
Lives Loss:None
References:NOAA Thunder Bay,Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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