Lucinda Van Valkenburg

Other Names:None
Official Number:14614
Vessel Built: 1862, Albert Little, Tonawanda, NY
Vessel Specifications:129 ft, 302g 286n
Type of Vessel:Wooden Three-Masted Schooner
Depth to Deck:55 ft (16m)
Depth to Bottom:60 ft (18m)
How it Sunk:The Lucinda Van Valkenburg was built in 1862. 25 years later it was lost on Lake Huron. Bound for Chicago with a load of coal, it was struck by the iron propeller Lehigh about 2 miles northeast of Thunder Bay Island. The crew was picked up by the Lehigh and taken to Port Huron. The sunken Van Valkenburg presented a dangerous obstruction to other vessels, as the masts remained standing high out of the water from just below the crosstrees.
Loss Type:Collision
Date of Loss: 1887, Jun 1
Place of Loss:near Thunder Bay Island light, MI
Vessel Cargo:Coal
Lives Loss:None
References:NOAA Thunder Bay,Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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