Part of the vessel stands out of the water, but years of storms and ice have broken and twisted the hull. The big diesel engine stands amid the wreckage, but the cargo has been removed. A steel barge rests alongside the wreck, a relic of extensive salvage work. Some artifacts may be seen today at NOAA's Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center.

Other Names:None
Official Number:German LR525650 call
Vessel Built:1954, Flensburger Schiffs Gesellshaft, Flensburg, Germany
Vessel Specifications:470 ft., 8683 t.
Type of Vessel:Steel Ocean General Cargo Freighter
Depth to Deck:0 ft (0m)
Depth to Bottom:40 ft (12m)
How it Sunk:The career of the motorship Nordmeer ended abruptly when it miscalculated a turn and ran aground 7 miles northeast of Thunder Bay Island. Some crewmen stayed on board, but they evacuated a few days later when a storm struck and tore open the ship's bottom.
Loss Type:Navigational error
Date of Loss:1966, Nov 19
Place of Loss:a few mi N of Thunder Bay Isl.
Vessel Cargo:Stainless steel wire
Lives Loss:None
References:NOAA Thunder Bay, Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
Today is:
March 30, 2017

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