The wreck sits upright on the lake bottom and is largely intact except for the collision damage.

Other Names: Built as EMPIRE FALSTAFF, renamed COMMANDANT MANTELET(1945) renamed COMMANDANT LeBIBOUL(1951), last name in 1954
Official Number:LI ELOF
Vessel Built:1943, (Scotland)
Vessel Specifications: 430 ft., 6,700 t.
Type of Vessel:Ocean Vessel
Depth to Deck:140 ft (43m)
Depth to Bottom:140 ft (43m)
How it Sunk:Despite improved charts, navigational aids, designated shipping lanes, radio telephones, and even radar, big ships still go down in the Great Lakes. Such was the case when the Liberian registered ocean freighter Monrovia was rammed by the freighter Royalton during a heavy fog just outside Thunder Bay. Monrovia went to the bottom in deep water.
Loss Type:Collision
Date of Loss: 1959, Jun 25
Place of Loss: off Thunder Bay Island
Vessel Cargo:Steel
Lives Loss:None
References:NOAA Thunder Bay, Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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