The ship suffered a large hole in the port bow and sank within minutes taking at least 33 passengers and crewmen. Several attempts were later made to retrieve the valuable copper cargo, using diving bells, clamshells and dynamite. They left the hull intact, but all of the cabins were destroyed.

Other Names:None
Official Number:None
Vessel Built:1863, Peck & Masters, Cleveland
Vessel Specifications:200 ft., 997 t.
Type of Vessel:Twin Screw Wooden Passenger and Freight Steamer
Depth to Deck:155 ft (47m)
Depth to Bottom:165 ft (50m)
How it Sunk:The Pewabic ran from Cleveland to Lake Superior ports. It was two years old when it sank off Thunder Bay in a collision with the steamer Meteor. Steaming southward, it headed close enough to the Meteor to pass mail and news between the two ships, but the Pewabic unexplainably cut across the Meteor's bow making a collision unavoidable.
Loss Type:Collision
Date of Loss: 1865, Aug 9
Place of Loss:off Thunder Bay, MI, 7 mi from Alpena
Vessel Cargo:Copper ingots,native copper, misc
Lives Loss:75 to 100 (additionally, at least 10 divers have lost their lives on her)
References:NOAA Thunder Bay, Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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