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Freighter Daniel J. Morrell

Lake Name: Lake Huron
Shipwreck Name: Daniel J. Morrell
Daniel J. Morrell
Vessel Type: Propeller, Bulk freighter
Location: Port Austion, MI
Vessel Build Info: 1906, W. Bay City Shipbuilding, W. Bay City, MI hull# 619
Shipwreck Specs: 580x58x27, 7239g 6216n
Official Number: 203507
Names Other: None

Sinking Detail
This big steamer broke in two and foundered in 25-foot waves. The stern portion plowed on past the only three survivors before she sank. They had made it to a life raft, but two of them died of exposure before their craft came ashore. Both parts of the ship lie in the Thumb Area Preserve diving area – the stern was found in 1967, bow in 1979.
Loss Date: 11/29/1966
Loss Place: Stern 18 mi and bow 24 mi north of Port Austin, MI
Loss Life: 28 of 29
Loss Reason: Storm
Vessel Cargo: Light

Shipwreck Description
The ship sits upright and intact. The stern part ended up floating over four miles past the bow part. These are two separate dives sites. The bow can be reached at 130ft (40m) but both the bow and the stern sit on the bottom at about 200ft (61m). The signature features on the bow are the mast, intact cabin, mushroom anchors and a long swim to where the ship broke in half. The stern offers just about everything to see as when it went down – life boats on the side, dishes in the galley, life ring down the stairs, and accessible engine room with gauges and machinery for the very experienced and trained divers. The double wheel and smoke stack are featuring thetop of the deck.

Dive Type: Technical
Depth Deck(ft): 180ft
Depth Bottom(ft): 205ft
Depth Deck(m): 55 m
Depth Bottom(m): 63 m

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