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Schooner Defiance

Lake Name: Lake Huron
Shipwreck Name: Defiance
Vessel Type: Two-Masted Schooner
Location: Presque Isle, MI
Vessel Build Info: 1848, Perrysburg, OH
Shipwreck Specs: 115x26x10, 253 t. om
Official Number: none
Names Other: none

Sinking Detail
Bound Chicago for Detroit and Buffalo, she was lost in a collision with the new, deep-laden brig JOHN J AUDUBON(qv) and sank within 15 minutes. The combined loss of the two vessels cost underwriters $60,000.
Loss Date: 10/20/1854
Loss Place: halfway between Presque Isle and Thunder Bay Isl.
Loss Life: none
Loss Reason: Collision
Vessel Cargo: Wheat

Shipwreck Description
The Defiance, loaded with grain, collided with the Audubon in 1855, causing the Defiance to sink. She has lain undisturbed for over 130 years with her jib boom resting precariously on the intact bowsprit. This time capsule of maritime history contains unique construction features not found on other vessels, including unusual bow construction and scrollwork, and a chain locker located in the stern.

Dive Type: Technical
Depth Deck(ft): 170 ft
Depth Bottom(ft): 180 ft
Depth Deck(m): 52 m
Depth Bottom(m): 55 m

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