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Schooner Silver Lake

Lake Name: Lake Michigan
Shipwreck Name: Silver Lake
Vessel Type: Scow-schooner, Two-Masted
Location: Port Washington, WI
Vessel Build Info: 1889, Little Point Sauble, MI
Shipwreck Specs: 95x20x8, 111g 106n
Official Number:
Names Other: None

Sinking Detail
She was rammed and sunk by the carferry PERE MARQUETTE in fog. She hung by her rigging from the bow of the ferry until 3 of her crew scrambled aboard. The cook had perished in crash. She was cut away to sink, but a large portion of her drifted ashore near Racine, WI, Sep 16.
Loss Date: 5/28/1900
Loss Place: 8.5 miles northeast of Sheboygan, WI.
Loss Life: 1
Loss Reason: Collision
Vessel Cargo: Lumber (maple wood)

Shipwreck Description: This wreck sits upright and mostly intact, with the foremast rising to 138′.

Dive Type: Technical
Depth Deck(ft): 190 ft
Depth Bottom(ft): 200 ft
Depth Deck(m): 57 m
Depth Bottom(m): 60 m

Shipwreck Pictures

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