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Steamer S.S. Florida

Lake Name: Lake Huron
Shipwreck Name: S.S. Florida
S.S. Florida

Vessel Type: Wooden Steamer
Location: Presque Isle, MI
Vessel Build Info: 1889, Buffalo
Shipwreck Specs: 271x40x15 2103g 1835n
Official Number: 120753
Names Other: none

Sinking Detail
Collided with the steamer GEORGE W. ROBY in dense fog and sank in 12 minutes in 200 ft. of water. ROBY picked up her crew. In this accident FLORIDA, one of largest boats on the lakes, collided with one of the few bigger ones. Wreck located in July of 1994.
Loss Date: 5/21/1897
Loss Place: off of Presque Isle, MI
Loss Life: none
Loss Reason: Collision
Vessel Cargo: bbls flour, general merchandise

Shipwreck Description
She sits upright with many interesting things to observe.  The bow is intact with the anchors on the decks and the capstone displaying the name S.S. Florida to this day.  The decks provide swim troughs, where one can observe dishes in the galley, a wheel barrel, flower barrels some of them intact some broken up; and some floating up by the ceiling.  There is a plate and old light lantern sitting on the deck right by the center cabin with a fire axe on the wall.  The stern just passed the boiler cabin is destroyed and one can clearly see the engine gauges on display.  The iron bell sits in the mud.  One of the most interesting features on this ship is the “V” shaped collision hole left behind by George W. Roby that rammed into the S.S. Florida.  The mast fell down on the deck.

Dive Type: Technical
Depth Deck(ft): 160 ft
Depth Bottom(ft): 200 ft
Depth Deck(m): 49 m
Depth Bottom(m): 61 m

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