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Steamer S.S. Wisconsin

Lake Name: Lake Michigan
Shipwreck Name: S.S. Wisconsin
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S.S. Wisconsin
Vessel Type: Steamer
Location: Kenosha, WI
Vessel Build Info: 1881, Detroit Dry Dock, Wyandotte, MI hull# 49.  Originally 204X35x12, rebuilt & enlarged in 1899 and 1920. Originally built for the Goodrich Line and designed by Frank Kirby. Sister of str MICHIGAN.”
Shipwreck Specs: 209x41x21, 1921 t.
Official Number: 80861
Names Other: Built as WISCONSIN, renamed NAOMI(1899), E.G. CROSBY(1909), GEN. ROBERT M. O’REILLY(1918), PILGRIM(1920) and WISCONSIN again in 1924.

Sinking Detail
Goodrich liner was overwhelmed by the storm and foundered while waiting out the weather off Kenosha. She was an unrecoverable total loss.
See NAOMI for more information.
Loss Date: 11/29/1929
Loss Place: off Kenosha, WI
Loss Life: 18 of 76
Loss Reason: Storm
Vessel Cargo: Iron castings, automobiles, and boxed freight

Shipwreck Description
She sits upright 6 miles east of Kenosha but has been deteriorating a lot over the last several decades. The superstructure is gone with I-beams and supports remaining. Machinery and cargo is still visible inside the cargo holds alongside with three automobiles, a Hudson, Essex, and a Chevrolet touring car. The automobiles are located on the port side closer to the stern and access to them has opened up lately. Penetration is possible for the trained and experienced.

Dive Type: Recreational
Depth Deck(ft): 90 ft
Depth Bottom(ft): 130 ft
Depth Deck(m): 27 m
Depth Bottom(m): 39 m

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