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Survey of A.A. Parker reveals a fascinating Shipwreck

“On the second dive, I was exploring around the stern and I looked up, right there, was the name A.A. Parker, all nicely painted. At that moment you know for sure what wreck you’re on.” Said Techincal Diver Erik Foreman. The Great Lakes Historical Shipwreck Society discovered the location the A.A.Parker in 2001 with their […]

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Visiting the steamship A.A. Parker – MI 9&10 News

Shipwreck Explorers team of divers examines, surveys, and documents the shipwreck A.A. Parker in Lake Superior just north of Grand Marais, MI.  This missing steamship was discovered by the team of explorers from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum earlier.  See the TV show…

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