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WBKB Learns Interesting Facts of the Monohansett

Interview with Stephanie Gandulla as she describes the shipwreck Monohansett out of Alpena, MI.  It’s a shallow wreck at snorkeling depth but the water can be crystal clear since it’s out of the bay by the Thunderbay island.  Interesting story about the helmsman getting thrown into the lake by a wave during a storm and […]

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‘Mooring Buoys’ Being Placed in Lake Huron to Preserve Shipwrecks

It’s buoy season and that means underwater lake action. Divers from the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary are out on a mission to persevere shipwrecks in Lake Huron. “The ‘mooring buoys’ are really the best way of protecting these shipwrecks. Typically a lot of divers in the past would drop their anchors into that wreck […]

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North America’s Great Lakes – X-Ray Mag #79

There are other areas of the world with well preserved shipwrecks, but the Great Lakes of North America have the monopoly on sheer mass, variety and relative ease of access.  Very few known dive-able wrecks are much more than a few hour’ boat ride from a decent restaurant, a chain hotel or a decent-sized town.  […]

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