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Charles A. King

Lake Name: Lake Huron Shipwreck Name: Charles A. King Vessel Type: Wooden schooner Location: Harbor Beach, MI Vessel Build Info: 1863, Roderick Calkins & Blaisedell, Cleveland Shipwreck Specs: 140x26x12, 316g 300n Official Number: 5058 Names Other: none but sometimes seen as C.A. King Sinking Detail: She foundered off Harbor Beach in a NE gale. The crew was rescued by […]

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Lake Name: Lake Huron Shipwreck Name: Minnedosa Vessel Type:  Schooner, wood, bulk freight, 4-mast Location: Harbor Beach, MI Vessel Build Info: 1890, Montreal Transportation Co., Kingston, Ont Shipwreck Specs: 245x36x15, 1081gc 1041nc Official Number: 94884 Names Other: none Sinking Detail: She was torn away from her tow steamer WESTMOUNT and foundered in a huge gale that sunk many ships. […]

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Carl D. Bradley split in two, sank 60 years ago, causing heartache for Michigan town

Carl D. Bradley is a big freighter that sunk in northern lake Michigan 60 years ago and sits 360 to 380ft deep.  This was an effort to push the slightly damaged ship for just one more trip that resulted in a tragedy.  Frank Mays, one of the wreck’s survivors still alive, plans to tell his […]

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Fighting against 40-footers, Frank Mays recalls surviving the sinking of the Carl D. Bradley

This is a very interesting interview with Frank Mays, now 85 years young, telling the story of his survival this day in 1958 as the big freighter Carl D. Bradley slipped underneath the waves during a November gale storm.  Listen to the interview here…                   Shipwreck Explorers […]

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Gunilda, Great Lakes Deep Diving Pinnacle

Early this Sept. Becky and Capt. Jitka Hanakova ventured out to northern Lake Superior to dive the Gunilda and Judge Hart shipwrecks.  Lake Superior is mysterious, cold, and dark and the shipwrecks are perfectly preserved.  Not even any mussels covering up the details.  On top of it, these two wrecks are completely intact with cabins, […]

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