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Two-Masted Schooner Northerner

The Northerner is a small two-masted schooner 81ft long that’s sunk near Port Washington, WI in 130ft of water.  She was launched on March 12th, 1850 from the John Oades shipyard in Clayton, New York with an official registry number of 18176.  She was valued at $2,500 in 1861 and rated only B1 by the Board of Lake Underwriters.  She mainly operated on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River at that time.  The Northerner got caught in a heavy gale on Lake Ontario where part of her deck load of hoops washed overboard and later more had to be thrown overboard to prevent her from being wrecked.  She was rebuilt  at Wells Island, NY in 1859. In 1863 she was sold to new owners in Chicago, IL and starting shipping lumber on Lake Michigan.  She changed ownership a few times through the next five years.  In November 1868, she pounded heavily upon the bottom while taking on a cargo of timber at Cedar Grove, WI and found to be leaking badly after getting out into the lake that Saturday.  She made it to Port Washington and lighted her load.  The Cuyahoga then came to assistance to tow the Northerner to Milwaukee but unfortunately she capsized en route to Milwaukee on November 29, 1868.  All crew was saved by the Cuyahoga.

The Northerner sits today intact in a pristine condition between 110ft to 130ft with a beautiful figurehead.  The mast has fallen down but is very photogenic.  The stern mast had been recovered for a local museum.  The hold still contains the cargo of cordwood, the logs still stacked up to the deck openings.  The deck cargo of wood was removed at Port Washington prior to the sinking.  The windlass, anchor chain, and center board winch along with the bow sprit are still in place.

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