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Yacht Rosinco

Lake Name: Lake Michigan
Shipwreck Name: Yacht Rosinco
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Vessel Type: Diesel Yacht
Location: Kenosha, WI
Vessel Build Info: Unknown
Shipwreck Specs: 93×15’3″x5’6″, 82t.
Official Number: Unknown
Names Other: Georgiana III at Wilmington, Delaware, renamed in 1925 from the name Whitemarsh.

Sinking Detail: The Rosinco ran into floating timber in the middle of the night and sank.
Loss Date: 9/19/1928
Loss Place: off Kenosha, WI
Loss Life: None of 7
Loss Reason: Presumed collision with wood
Vessel Cargo: None

Shipwreck Description: A small steel-hulled diesel yacht sits upright 10 miles east of Kenosha and is quite intact. She was a pleasure boat at one time. Penetration is possible for the trained and experienced.

Dive Type: Technical
Depth Deck(ft): 170 ft
Depth Bottom(ft): 180 ft
Depth Deck(m): 51 m
Depth Bottom(m): 54 m

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